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Together with parents/carers
works better

What is a child center?

A child center works according to one pedagogical vision on the development and education of the child.
Children are enabled to develop their talents optimally; continuous development lines, day arrangements and child care are inherent in this provision.
Organizations from childcare, playgroups and education can, on an equal basis, merge into these Child Centers 2020 and form one new organization.

Partnership and communication with parents/carers is important in the vision of Stichting Best Onderwijs.

Parents/carers are involved as much as possible in their child’s school and education.

Parents/carers have the opportunity to sit on the Joint Participation Council.

At school level parent councils, parent associations and participation councils are also active.


On the websites of the schools you can find more information about the possibilities of involvement for parents/carers.
In addition to the information you can receive at school about developments in education, we refer you to various websites. These are listed under Links.

Day care for children

In the context of the duty of care, the schools of Stichting Best Onderwijs work together with Korein, Partou and Little People.
These organizations provide preschool, mid-school and after-school care for the children in primary schools.
The schools themselves maintain contact with these organizations. Together they coordinate the content.

Stay over at school

The stay over, mid-school care, is organized in different ways by the schools.
More information can be found on the websites of the schools.

Register your child

For registration of your child at one of the primary schools of Stichting Best Onderwijs, we refer you to the information on the website of the relevant school. You will find this information in the menu bar under “Our Schools”.

Our schools stand
for a good start


All our schools want to give you and your child a good start. We advise you to visit the nearest schools before registering your child.

Kindcentrum Antonius

Vlinderhei 14,
5685 GZ Best
0499 371 250

Kindcentrum Platijn

J. Vermeerstraat 21,
5684 AT Best
0499 375 750


Johannes Verleunstraat 29,
5684 TT Best
0499 371 216

Kindcentrum de Zevensprong

Haktol 1,
5683 LL Best
0499 330 475

Kindcentrum de Klimboom

Paardenhei 1,
5685 GW Best
0499 310 265

Kindcentrum De Kiezel

Secr. L. Jansenstraat 5,
5682 AC Best
0499 371 297

Basisschool De Heydonck

Max de Bossustraat 8,
5684 CG Best
0499 372 398

Register your child

For registration of your child at one of the primary schools of Stichting Best Onderwijs, we refer you to the information on the website of the relevant school.

Schools with different identities

Stichting Best Onderwijs has schools on a Roman Catholic, Protestant Christian and Denominational basis. Based on these different identities, we teach students to deal with their own (further to be developed) identity and the differences around them. Differences between people, their nature, culture, beliefs, origins and ideas. We do this by focusing the ideological education in our schools on our own identity and on the broad social context of other beliefs. Equality between people is an important starting point. Our children must be able to show respect for the values and norms of others, who differ in color, status, disability, culture or religion. We are alert to discrimination and bullying and specifically work to prevent this. And if it does happen, we intervene immediately!